Wall Prime 31 is a versatile water-based primer comprising of acrylic emulsion polymer, selected fine fillers, white pigments & additives in water as a medium.

Wall Prime 31 Used as :
A primer for the interior & exterior application on asbestos, brick, false ceiling, concrete surface, cementitious renderings, wall putty , other surfacing etc.

Wall Prime 31 Characteristics are as follows:

  • Efflorescence - Provides excellent efflorescence resistance due to its chemical inertless.
  • Bonding - Good binding of chalky or porous substrates with over coating.
  • Suitability - Used as a primer for internal and external surfaces.
  • Alkali resistant - Based on chemically inert polymers hence suitable for high alkaline substrates.
  • Penetration - Provides deep penetration thus imparts excellent substrate adhesion.