Tech SL 500 offered by us is a solvent less, self-leveling epoxy flooring system that is used for concrete and masonry substrates for industrial & commercial environments. Tech Coating SL 500 flooring system is unmatched in the industry for its ability to provide joint-less, seamless, chemical resistant flooring system. Fortified with special properties Tech-SL-500 provides the best-in-class properties such as impact resistance, crack bridging, abrasion resistance and other mechanical properties. The glossy flawless surface of Tech-SL-500 makes it an ideal flooring system for a variety of industries such as food-processing, pharmaceuticals, bio-tech and other healthcare industries. Tech-SL-500 is formulated to provide a very good life to enable easy and joint-free application.

Its best-in-class properties make it very popular among our clients. These include:

  • Aesthetics: Available in variety of colors
  • It has excellent self-leveling properties
  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Provides a hygienic environment.

Due to its premium quality features Tech SL 500 is used as top coat for flooring / painting over primer & screed surfaces in food, pharma, automotive, engineering, car parking etc. Tech-SL-500 does not require a lot of maintenance. Just that, for maximum life expectancy one should routinely sweep and wash floors with detergent cleaners. But one should avoid steam cleaning. Any spills powder or liquid should be cleaned up immediately. One should take care to avoid skin or eye contact and breathing vapors. In the event of the skin contact one should immediately wash thoroughly. Tech-SL-500 should be kept away from heat and flames.