Clients can avail from us one of the best floor coatings available in the market that is Tech FC 200. It is aromatic polyurethane based Floor Coating 200 that is highly popular among the clients for interior applications. Tech-FC-200 offered by us has excellent adhesion over primed surfaces along with excellent chemical & abrasion resistance.

Tech FC 200 is used as top coat over primer & screed for areas which require high abrasion resistance. It finds application as a maintenance coat on existing floorings.

Tech-FC-200 is a coating that could be applied quite easily on floors and consists of remnants of polyurethane. This coating has no traces of impurities and has balanced composition. Our experts have prepared this coating keeping in mind various factors so as to ensure maximum durability and reliability so that it would truly match the aspirations of our clients.

The properties which make Tech-FC-200 a popular choice among the clients includes:

  • Excellent adhesion to primed surfaces
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Easy & fast application.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Fast curing

Before applying Tech FC 200 application, CDS (Clean, Dry & Sound) test should be conducted on the concrete followed by a Moisture test. Surface preparation should involve scarification, grinding or shot blasting so that a surface profile of 150-200 microns is achieved. Mix Tech FC 200 resin & Tech FC 200 hardener in 2:1 ratio by volume and agitate the mixture for 2 to 3 minutes. Apply by roller or brush. Allow it to settle for 3-4 hours and the top coat surface is now ready for use.