Just imagine anything , print,apply & its all done!!! That’s the most interesting thing about 3 d epoxy floorings. Unlimited creative art work, beach effects, dolphins & fish popping out of the water,broken bridge effect, baby held up high in the air are some of the types of 3 d work that can be customized.

Applications areas:

  • Aesthetics: Available in variety of colors
  • Public and administrative buildings
  • Stairs, corridors, playgrounds
  • Car showrooms, garages, parking lots
  • Shopping malls, shops, boutiques, offices
  • Hotels
  • Bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants
  • Laboratories, clinics, hospitals, medical centers
  • Schools, kindergartens and institutions
  • Town houses, vllas, apartments, private houses
  • Exhibition halls, theaters, galleries, museums
  • Pools and much more